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EPIC R&D is a product development and consulting company dedicated to driving innovation and introducing products and services that matter to market, positively impacting our lives.  We partner our clients in the product development journey, from concept to execution at any stage of product development lifecycle.

Founded in early 2015, EPIC R&D has been a trusted engineering and design partner for manufacturers, engineering firms, and contractors spread across the country, solving complex engineering challenges and developing products that solve problems, introduce new experiences and accelerate advances in technology.

We are a leading product development company that enables entrepreneurs and businesses to turn their ideas into reality. We outline a product development value change that seamlessly transitions all ideas into tangible products.

Technology - Innovation - Collaboration

Constant Improvement

product development services provider

Our People:


We’re proud to have a diverse team of talented strategists, researchers, designers, and engineers with vast experience and strong resource base, allowing us to provide qualitative solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology converge.

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