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EPIC R&D Celebrates 3-Year Business Anniversary This Past January

Newark, NJ, March 2, 2018: EPIC Research & Development, a product research, consultation, and development company that creates tangible solutions for the future, this past January officially celebrated 3-years in business since launching the brand.

Passionate about extensive research, development, testing, and analysis that works harmoniously towards a finished product, EPIC R&D has witnessed significant expansion since their founding in 2015, adding dozens more supplier and customers to their product development network.

“We have great patent products in our pipeline, with many revolutionary ideas that will totally change the face of industries in our world today,” said Roberto Godoy, Co-Founder and VP of EPIC R&D. “After 3-successful years in business, we are incredibly excited to continue our journey as a firm determined to change product development perspectives.”

EPIC R&D placed special emphasis on developing new technologies for agricultural business, as well as the automotive industry. Open to collaboration with customers in any kind of sector, EPIC R&D plans to innovative and fulfill their goal and vision with each and every product heading into 2018.

“Our vision is simple: to create leading products and processes,” said Roberto. “We want to set the product engineering standard, and we are well on our way to doing just that with our incredibly talented and supportive team.”

EPIC R&D is comprised of strategists, researchers, designers, and engineers that draw on diverse resource bases for quality solutions to today’s problems.

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